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Proving the pure healthy products

Natural products for lovers of healthy food.

We farm, process and supply Freeze dried food ingredients/products like Herbs, Vegetables, Fruits and Spices of highest quality and purity, to the various food industries. We have several years of experiences in food handling especially the freeze drying processing. Our target and strategy is to practice 100% Farm to fork terminology.

We provide custom-built freeze drying products and work closely with our customers to develop freeze drying solutions to ensure highest quality. We also supply Air dried products like herbs and vegetables, Frozen/IQF herbs and vegetables as per the customer requests.
We have contract farming system, where we have way in to more than 10000 organic farmers. We believe in organic and fair trading practices. We produce products in a state-of-art facility which follows good manufacturing practices, HACCP system and other prevailing national and international food processing practices and regulations.

We believe the awareness for the need to source organic/fair trade food is growing and we are excited to grow along side this and be a resource to many food industries. We are blessed to have this opportunity. We are excited to serve the customers by supplying close-to-fresh natural foods. It is our goal to continue to work and support local farmers and while we work harder to bring the farm to you.

We guarantee product quality tailored with customer specifics. We guarantee the close-to-fresh organic food products that are ethically sourced and manufactured following the best & up-to-date processing standards.